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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Enjoy Family Meals

August is National Family Meals month, so gather your family together and enjoy a family meal in 3 simple steps.

Step one: Pick a time

For busy families, this may seem like an impossible task. Knowing family meals can happen anytime and anyplace will make it easier to plan a family meal. Some families may find breakfast is the best time to enjoy a family meal. Other families may enjoy an evening meal together. Keep in mind family meals don't have to take place at home. If your family is on the go, try a picnic at the lake or sandwiches on the bleachers before a child's game.

Step two: Plan a menu

Family meals can be a cold sandwich and fruit or a hot turkey dinner. If you are new to family meals and/or cooking, start with a simple meal such as a salad or stir fry. Family members may also have good ideas on what, when, and where the family meal could be. Here are three simple ideas:
Step three: Enjoy

Everyone will enjoy the meal more if you keep it simple and set realistic expectations. Turn off televisions, cell phones, and other electronic devices. Encourage family members to visit with each other. You can use these questions to get family members talking:
  • What is your favorite color and why?
  • If you could be any animal, what animal would you be? Why?
  • Would you rather fly to the moon or dive in the ocean? Why?
Remember to have other family members help plan, prepare, and clean-up. This allows all family members to be part of making mealtime happen. The time you spend with your child cooking or cleaning up is a great time for one-to-one conversations and provides skills they will use the rest of their lives.

A family meal does take some planning, but it is possible even for busy families. Family meals are important as it gives adults the opportunity to serve as role models, encourages healthy eating habits, and establishes family traditions. Other things happen during mealtimes as well, including: socialization of children; strengthening of family unity, safety, and security for children; decrease likelihood of risky behaviors; and increased literacy and language development.

Goal for This Month (choose one or more):
  • If you are new to family meals, plan at least one family this month. You can view the Making Family Mealtime a Tradition video for more ideas on how to get started as well as ideas for how the whole family can help with the meal.
  • If you have family meals on a regular basis, try a new menu item such as an ethnic dish or a meal made from foods at the Farmer's Market. Check out the University of Minnesota Extension's Recipe Box for more recipe ideas.
  • If you do not have family nearby, invite friends or neighbors over to enjoy a meal together.

Please share your tips for making family mealtime a success in the comment section below.

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asiya subhani said...

The article is quite interesting as nowadays in our busy lives we don't get to have a family meal and whenever we plan to do so it is better to start planning in advance and also it is important to divide the work if we are planning for many members. I blog at
IndianRecipes and I have a large family and we all decide our meal palnning in advance especially when we have family gatherings.

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