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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Let's Move: Ideas for Winter Activity

Brrrrrr, it has been a cold winter! It is hard to get children outside to play when it is so cold. Children can still be active, even if they are inside. Here are a few easy ideas to help children stay active during the cold weather.

At Home

Act out a story. Read a book together and act out the actions.

Create an indoor obstacle course. Use pillows, boxes, balls, hula-hoops, and other objects to create an obstacle course. Time older children and see if they can beat their time. Let children create a new obstacle course every day!

Fun with plastic jugs. Use empty laundry soap jugs or large juice bottles for indoor bowling or as targets for bean bags.

Fun with painters tape. Make a balance beam on the floor by laying tape on the floor. Have children walk on the tape. Have older children hop on one foot, turn, or walk backwards on the tape.

Dance. Turn on music and dance. Try different music like children's music, country, pop, country, fast songs, and slow songs. Freeze dance or musical chairs can also be fun.

Let's Move Activity Cards.Click on the link to print and cut out activity cards. Put the cards in a small box or bowl and have children pick and do an activity like fly like a bird, march, or jump in place 10 times.

Away from home

Run and play. Contact your local school district to see if they offer open gym for older children or run and play times for younger children. These are usually low cost.

Indoor playgrounds. Some malls and fitness centers have indoor play areas for young children.

When the temperatures warm up

Go sledding, build a snowman, follow animal tracks, visit a state park and walk on the trails, or go for a walk. Remember to dress children in layers.

Goal for the month

Pick out 1 or 2 goals for this month.
  • Print out the Let's Move Activity Cards.
  • Do one of the indoor activities two nights each week.
  • Go outside and enjoy the snow.
Please share your favorite way to keep children active when it is cold outside in the comment section.

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