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Monday, November 3, 2014

Eating Veggies All Year Round

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​By Alison Swenson, Dietetic Intern and Hannah Jastram, Communications Associate — Health and Nutrition

Fall is here, but we can still eat lots of vegetables!
The fall season means the fresh, local produce that greeted us at farmers markets and in grocery stores is a distant memory. It's still important to add vegetables to your dinner meals whenever possible. Take a look in your cupboard to add vitamins, fiber, and added flavor to your favorite dinners.

Try using canned and dried vegetables and beans. They tend to be cheaper than fresh, and provide the same nutrition.

Canned Beans
  • Beans can replace ground meat in many recipes to save on money and to add nutritional value. They are a good source of protein, fiber, and are low in fat.
  • Rice can be jazzed up with kidney beans, canned tomatoes, and spices to make "beans n' rice."
  • Add canned beans of any kind to chili and soup.
  • Try this easy chili from the U. S. Department of Agriculture that uses canned beans, tomatoes, and corn: 3-Can Chili.
Canned Vegetables
  • Add canned carrots to casseroles for more color and flavor.
  • Add canned green beans or mushrooms to spaghetti sauce with noodles (drain and rinse first).
  • Mixing canned vegetables with fresh vegetables for a simple side dish, such as fresh, steamed carrots and canned peas.
  • When a recipe calls for fresh tomatoes, use canned tomatoes instead.
  • The traditional dish Shepherd's Pie is a great dinner recipe to incorporate vegetables.
Be creative with adding canned vegetables to your favorite dishes. To give your body beneficial nutrients, serve a vegetable at every dinner.

Goal for this month
Pick one to work on and tell us in the comments when you've reached it:
  • Pick a recipe from this blog post or that using canned beans or vegetables: Canned Food Recipes.
  • Add a new canned vegetable or beans to a favorite recipe.
  • Try a canned food you've never tried before.

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