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Friday, July 8, 2016

How to Keep Fit All Year

By Milena Nunez Garcia — SNAP-Ed Educator

When the weather warms up, people cannot hide extra pounds with layers and layers of clothing as they do in winter. As a result, when summer begins people start dieting and exercising to lose weight. But even if people succeed in shedding some pounds, many of them see the weight come back when summer ends. Then they ask, “How can I lose weight and keep it off?” If this sounds familiar to you, here are some tips to maintain a healthy weight all year round.

  • Determine whether you have a healthy or unhealthy weight. There are different ways to find out. For example, you can calculate your body mass index (BMI) using methods available online (see one below), or just ask your doctor to measure your BMI. If you need to take off some pounds, work with your doctor to set a goal for losing weight over a reasonable amount of time.
  • Know how many calories you need each day. You can find some charts online or at your doctor’s office that show approximately how many calories are recommended for males and females in all age groups. You may need more or fewer calories depending on how active you are.
  • Eat healthy foods and keep a record of what you eat,including calories. Remember that balancing calories is essential for weight control. That requires eating sensible portions and engaging in physical activity several times a week.
  • Stay physically active. Keep motivated by recording the amount of exercise you do each week and, if possible, get an exercise buddy. Being accountable to someone else helps you stick to your goals. Even if you don’t always meet your goals, remember that any exercise you do is better than nothing.
For more information on measuring your BMI and tracking your diet and physical activity, visit these websites:

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